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Simple, practical and playful solutions for you and your children.
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My husband and I were amazed when we’ve tried Mama Manon’s games to aid with tooth brushing with our fierce 3 year old. We hadn’t been able to brush them for a while without tears…
What a difference!!! Everyone was laughing, she willfully opened her mouth for me to brush her teeth, and we got it done in a fraction of the time it normally takes, with all of us in a happy mindset.
The only downfall was that my 4 year old who normally brushes his own teeth quite independently, asked me to do the game with him too! haha

That evening and the next morning I tried the same approach, wary that the novelty might have worn off – but again my daughter happily opened her mouth – relishing not the brushing itself, but instead anticipating this special time she was getting connecting with mummy <3

I later tried this approach for washing hair in the bath (we have three kids 4yo and under in the bath at one time), and it was a success too!

Manon’s gentle approach is already having a positive impact on our family and I’m so grateful for her knowledge. It’s making my life so much easier and I enjoy being around my kids so much more now.


Why is it so hard to brush our children’s teeth?
Understanding what is happening for our child when it’s time for us to brush his teeth: a brief explanation of the latest research on children’s psychology, neurophysiology and how emotions and powerlessness works in the brain and body.


How can we help them?
Practical solutions that are respectful of your child’s legitimate needs and will increase the bound between you and your child.


Power-reversal games
Quick, simple and fun games to play during the day to help your child with toothbrushing but also with cooperation in general.


Toothbrushing games
Quick, simple and fun games to play in the moment, to make toothbrushing fun and attractive for your child and avoid struggles.


Being honest and setting limits
My approach is based on honesty and mutual respect. When making toothbrushing fun, our intention should not be to manipulate or “trick” our children.
We’ll also talk about the balance between playing and setting limits while brushing teeth.


Real life examples
Videos of how I’m using those games with my daughter at home: non-edited real-life moments.


When it doesn’t work...
What we can do when nothing seems to work… because let’s be honest, it does happen!


Healing from medical interventions
Having his teeth brushed could remind your child of a past traumatic medical intervention. That would explain why he becomes very agitated and tends to “fight or flight” when you approach him. In this chapter you’ll find some guidance on how to help your child.

This program is made for you if:

  • your child is aged between 1.5 and 9 years old
  • you wish to understand what is underneath your child’s behaviour
  • you’re looking for a respectful and connecting approach (NO punishments, rewards, bribes or threats in here!)
  • you’re willing to try out new things and get a little playful
  • you’re craving some ease and fun with your kids
  • you’re busy (videos are 5-10min long and easy to follow)
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Meet the instructor

Manon Depre

Manon is trained in Aware Parenting and in Somatic Experiencing (trauma healing through the nervous system).
She's the mum of a beautiful 7 years old girl who is challenging her every day to become the best mum possible for her.

Manon works 1-on-1 with parents from all over the globe, helping their mind and body heal from past traumas. She teaches self-regulation from her compassionate and grounded presence, with the aim to empower the mums and dads in front of her.

She believes that raising children with awareness and respect is the only way to make the world a better place. She shares this message with passion, and lots of compassion for all the parents out there.
Patrick Jones - Course author

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