Supporting the Older Sibling With the Arrival of Baby

How are you feeling?

It is always a very special event to welcome a new baby into the family.
And it can also be a difficult transition for the older child(ren), and us, parents.

I’m sending you lots of love and compassion if you’re feeling helpless as you’re witnessing your (usually sweet and loving) child struggling.

I wonder if your older child:
  • has become really difficult to be around?
  • is refusing to cooperate and often does the opposite of what you’ve just asked?
  • is aggressive towards his little brother or sister?
  • has big tantrums about little things?
  • is not sleeping well anymore?
  • is pretending to be a baby all day long?
  • is refusing to use the toilet or regressing?
  • is asking for mummy all day and refuses daddy’s help?

This is quite common to most new big brothers and sisters, you’re not alone.
I have worked with hundreds of parents going through this.
It can happen very soon after baby was born or it can take many months.

Let me reassure you, your child hasn’t turned into a “bad kid”, he’s simply needing some loving support to manage this big change in his life.
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The tools and suggestions I’ve received from Manon have helped me have more compassion for my son and for myself as we move through this transition. Having a new baby has brought up things for all of us to work through and I’ve especially wanted to help my son work through his jealousy and frustration. The tools have helped enormously. They are quick and simple and can completely change the way a situation unfolds. He is calmer and happier (so am I !) and it’s so beautiful watching him become more independent and to see his relationship with his new sister blossom.
Sunshine Coast, QLD

In this online workshop,

  • we put ourselves in our child’s skin, to understand his perspective,
  • we talk about how emotions work in the mind and body,
  • we see how we can help our child with his big emotions,
  • we learn respectful and connecting tools to reduce siblings rivalry,
  • we see how we can use play to repair any attachment rupture between you and your older child
  • we learn about the nervous system and see what children most need to feel safe and relaxed

You will find NO punishment, reward, bribe, threat, time-out or “consequences” in any of my teachings.

All the information I teach is nurturing and respectful of both the children and the parent’s needs.

It is based on the latest research in children’s psychology, attachment theories, aware and attachment parenting, somatic experiencing (trauma healing), the polyvagal theory (nervous system health) and attachment play.
After bringing home our second daughter Lucy, we experienced many challenging behaviours and a big change in our first daughter Zoe’s emotions. She went from a relatively compliant, good overnight sleeping, happy toddler who was eating a great variety of foods to one that always wanted mum (especially when she was feeding baby) throwing tantrums, waking through the night, refusing her day nap and eating only very limited variety of food. We were walking on eggshells as seemingly tiny things set her off.
After reaching out to Manon we were met with compassion, love and understanding. Manon validated our feelings and in turn helped us to understand what was going on for Zoe. This took some of the pressure off us as parents and gave us a way forward to relate to our toddler and understand how her world had changed and how we could reconnect to help her feel safe again.

We have seen positive changes in her sleep, her moods and her response to our boundaries.

The biggest change I feel is the confidence I now feel for responding to her. I feel that I know what my daughter needs and how I can support her.
Melbourne, VIC

This program is for you if:

  • the older sibling is under 9 years old
  • you are pregnant
  • or if your baby is born and aged 0-2 years old
If you’re at the end of your rope and need some support, don’t wait!
This class is there for you right now.

If your child has just started to struggle and to behave unpleasantly, I recommend that you don’t wait for things to get worse.

If you’re pregnant, this class will empower you to create a smooth transition as your family grows.

This information and those tools have already changed the lives of thousands of families around the World.
You and your children deserve to have them too.
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Meet the instructor


Manon is trained in Aware Parenting and in Somatic Experiencing (trauma healing through the nervous system). She's the mum of a beautiful 7 years old girl who is challenging her every day to become the best mum possible for her.

Manon works 1-on-1 with parents from all over the globe, helping their mind and body heal from past traumas. She teaches self-regulation from her compassionate and grounded presence, with the aim to empower the mothers and fathers in front of her.

She believes that raising children with awareness and respect is the only way to make the world a better place. She shares this message with passion, and lots of compassion for all the parents out there.
Patrick Jones - Course author

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